Andrew Hargreave

Solutions-driven IT Specialist with over 30 years of experience implementing technology to support business objectives and a proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions.

84.51° | Deerfield, IL
Feb 2012 - Current
Technical Director - Hybrid Compute & Storage Team / Data Center Operations Manager

As the Technical Director for the Hybrid Compute & Storage Team for 84.51°, I am responsible for helping the Director set the technical direction for the team and assist/mentor the other engineers on our team. I assist with the management, care, and feeding of the company's storage needs utilizing many technologies: Dell ECS (on-prem S3 storage), Dell EMC PowerScale, Oracle ZFS, PureStorage FlashArray, and Synology solutions. I also manage procurement and maintenance contracts for the storage & physical server hardware from Dell and HP.

As Data Center Operations manager, I am responsible for working with our data center partners to handle all aspects of our on-prem hardware, access to our locations, and installing new hardware.

As the Manager for IT Infrastructure for Market6 OnDemand application, I am responsible for ensuring the infrastructure is able to provide service to our customers as well as all our internal development staff. This includes managing remote data centers and disaster recovery sites, VMWare ESX infrastructure, Windows and Linux servers, as well as multiple IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza) big data systems.


agh3 IT Services LLC | Shorewood, IL
Aug 2006 - Current
President / Consultant
agh3 ITServices LLC provided technology services for small & medium sized business and non-profit organizations.  Specialized in managing customer IT needs including Server, Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile Device setup & management • Computer Networking• Internet Connectivity & Security• Web Design & Hosting• Email Services• Managed-Offsite Data Backups• Proactive Monitoring Services
AgileTek, LLC | Des Plaines, IL
Mar 2005 - Aug 2006
Chief Security Officer / Network Technology Architect
Provided network admin and desktop support services while implementing security procedures for the network and workstations. Architected internal network to provide an optimal and secured data center. Implemented commercial grade firewall and connection failover via backup link for T1 line outages. Implemented centrally managed anti-virus/anti-spyware for all workstations and servers. Installed hard disk encryption for all notebooks. Worked with clients to provide secure links between their network and the AgileTek network via SSL and VPN connections. Helped clients improve their network security. Setup numerous Wikis for clients and internal teams. Utilized VMware ESX Server and MS Virtual Server to provide multiple virtual project servers to help reduce cooling requirements and hardware costs. Installed RFID door access system for the office and the server room along with video surveillance systems that recorded all entrances to the office space and server room.
TLC Networks, Inc. | Des Plaines, IL
July 2002 to Mar 2005
Network Technology Architect / Senior Information Security Engineer
Consulted with small to medium sized businesses on their technology needs and act as their outsourced IT staff providing planning and support for internet connectivity, network administration, security analysis and implementation, technology purchasing.  Provided comprehensive onsite and remote network/desktop support to users and management.  Designed, implemented, and manage hosting services for web, email, and remote off-site backups using automated tools and redundant connections. Setup secure wireless networking at client offices as well as residences.  Ensured that remote systems were secure by implementing VPN hardware and software solutions.
Geneer, Inc. | Des Plaines, IL
Nov 1989 to July 2002
Director of Technical Infrastructure
Responsible for the initial building of the technical infrastructure and the internal workings of the company's network, computer systems, servers, email, internet/intranet connectivity. It was my job to keep current with networking technologies and make sure that Geneer's network was at the leading edge and operating at peak efficiency. I also helped implement and maintain connectivity to our clients, either via the internet or via direct leased lines.
Bachelor of Science: Computer Information Systems
Feb 1987
DeVRY Institute of Technology Lombard, IL
Server Management
Windows & Linux Servers
Desktop Managment
Windows, Mac, & Linux
Recovery Solutions
Local Workstation and Server backups, offsite backups, anti-virus solutions.
Internet Services
Domain names, email hosting & management, internet connectivity, security.